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About Me

It has always fascinated me to listen to music, think of it, make it, play it. Read it.
Although I am a lover of 70's rock, I like it in all its facets and styles.

I devoted myself to it and learned to play percussion, guitar, harmonica, singing, composing and how to play sounds with synthesizers and different Daw's.

In recent years I have been lucky to have been able to play and share stages and musical moments with many artists, many of whom I've admired since childhood: Dani Buira, Acho Estol, Vicentico, Chango Farías Gómez, Andrés Calamaro, Los Piojos, Gabriela Torres, Facundo Guevara, Arafán Touré, Palo Pandolfo, Afo Verde, El Horreo, James Cotton, Pablo Guerra, Ariel Prat, Beno Guelbert,  Luis Della Mea y Kaoscompartido, Los Umbanda, Peteco Carabajal, Diego Torres, Juampi Di Leone, Kevin Johannsen, Pedro Aznar, La Chilinga, Iván Noble, Divididos, Ella Es Tan Cargosa, Fito Páez, Miguel Tallo, Egle Martin, Manuel Onis, Letinka, La Chicana, Los Cafres, Verónica Condomí, Nahuel Briones, Juan Carlos Cáceres, Miguel Cantilo and many other less known  names but equally great.

Also, since I was a little boy I liked arcade and videogames, and that is why I also work with digital audio and compose music, FX and sound design for games.

In 2007 I released my first solo album, Satán Bemol, with original songs and currently I am in the creative process of making a new one for the near future.

Works and Collaborations

  • - 1989/1991: Founds the Blues & Rock'n'Roll band “Los Sabuesos” as singer and guitar player with Tavo Kupinski (guitars), Federico Marquestó (guitars), Raulo Giberman (Bass) and Oscar Giunta (Drums)

    - 1992/1996: Joins “Los Umbanda” as harp player, southamerican winds instrumentalist, percussion and backing vocals.

    - 1994/1996: Founds “La Musculosa” band, as singer and guitar player with Javo Kupinski (Guitars), Raulo Giberman (Bass) and Patricio Larrambebere (Drums).

    -1995 Joins the band and school of percussion “La Chilinga”, with whom he gives live presentations and makes recordings together (as percussionist) with 
    Los Piojos  “Tercer Arco” (1996)
    Chango Farías Gomez/Peteco Carabajal “Encuentro de Brujos” (live) (1997)
    Peteco CarabajalAndando” (1998)
    La Renga (live) 1998
    Ariel PratSobre la hora”(2000)
    Peteco CarabajalArde La vida” (2000)
    Los CafresEspejitos” (2000)
    A Upa (charity album with music of his own and lyrics written by disabled children) (2001)
    Pedro AznarParte de volar” (2002)

  • -With La Chilinga, he participates in 5 albums as singer, percussionist, guitar and harmonica player.
    Percusión” (1997)
    Viejos Dioses” (2000)
    Muñequitos del tambor” (2004)
    Raíces” (2007) 
    Fantasma” (2010)

    -1996/2004: La Chilinga (percussion school) as teacher of afrolatin and southamerican rhythms and drums.

    - 1998/2000 takes part as percussion player in Los Piojos recording of the album “Verde paisaje del Infierno” and plays live with the band.

    - 1999/2002 with “La Chicana” as percussionist live and recording.
    Un giro extraño” (2000) 
    Tango Agazapado” (2003)
    Revolución o Picnic” (2011)

  • - 2002/2007 plays in Vicentico’s band (percussion and backing vocals), both touring Latin America, Usa and Europe and recording the albums:
    Vicentico” (2002),
    Los Rayos” (2004) 
    Los Pájaros” (2006)

    -Other Recordings:
    El Horreo “Siga siguiendo” (2001) Percussion
    Iván NoblePreguntas equivocadas” (2003) Harmonica
    Javier CalamaroKimika” (2003) Percussion
    Gabriela TorresNo tan distinta” (2006) Percussion
    Iván NobleIntemperie” (2007) Percussion
    Acho EstolMi película” (2007) Percussion
    Manuel OnisBagunça” (2007) Percussion
    El Tigre y Sus Manchas ídem (2009) Percussion
    La ChicanaBalada del Loco” (“El Justiciero Cha Cha Cha”, tributo a Os Mutantes) (2010) Percussion 
    Nahuel BrionesPera Reflexiva” (2011) Percussion

    -In 2006 records his first solo album “Satán Bemol” (voice, guitar, percussion, harmonica)

    2010 - HomeFest (Atommica)
    2010 - Mamut (Atommica)
    2011 - Towel Whip (Beware Of The Art)
    2011 - Trail Tripper (Independent)

    La ChicanaViaje Astral” live (2008) Percussion
    VicenticoEn vivo en el Luna Park” (2005) Percussion, Harmonica

    Iaiparapipapol – (with Guillermo Ortiz) Music for Eugene Ionesco’s  play “Víctimas del Deber”, directed by Eduardo Miguelez (1999) Percussion, latin winds, guitar
    In 2010 as actor and musician in the play ”Cuerpos Posibles” with KaosCompartido, Argentina/Norway

    Hijos” de Marco Bechis (with La Chilinga, Percussion) (2001)
    Amando a Maradona” de Javier Vázquez (Harmonica) (2005)
    Tango: un Giro Extraño” de Mercedes García Guevara (With La Chicana, Percussion) (2005)

  • TV
    Son Amores” (Some episodes, harmonica) (2002)

    1990 Production “El Salón de los Espejos” – Hosting: Héctor Armas (Radio Alfa)
    1991 Production and hosting “El Angel Ebrio” (Radio Alfa)
    1996/97 Co-production and co-hosting “Corazón de Bombo” with Dani Buira and Damián Valls (FM La Tribu)


Here are many samples mostly for videogames but may also have another purposes.

Some are available and others have already been used.
I also work doing sound design and FX for games.

Do not hesitate to contact me or ask me further examples according to your need.

Satán Bemol

This is my debut album, Satán Bemol.
The album was recorded independently in 2006, with Acho Estol as artistic producer.

Please download it complete for free. If you listen to it and like it please contribute. How much to donate is up to you: every bit helps!

Please spread the word and share this page with your friends and social networks. I hope you like it. Enjoy!

Satan Bemol